Saturday, October 6, 2012

Reaching the SWPLs 2: Savitri Devi and vegetarians!

Another way that WNs can work to spread their ideas is to engage with the SWPLs.

There are many kinds of SWPLs, but a large number are Vegetarians!

A good bridge to them may be to introduce some of the works of pro-Vegetarian Savitri Devi to  them.

Show some pictures of Savitri Devi to them.  The SWPL will see her in Hindu Garb and think 'hey this is an example of 'Diversity''!  Ah but looks can be deceiving!  WNs should use this to their advantage to help to spread WN-type ideas!

Next give them a copy of 'Impeachment of Man' and tell them it is about Vegetarianism and Animal Rights and stuff.

Impeachment of Man is a book by Savitri Devi. It recounts a history of the general indifference toward the suffering of non-human life. It puts forth a pro-vegetarian, anti-vivisectionist, biocentric, and misanthropic conservationist point of view. It does so within the context of Devi's pro-Hitler and pro-Nazi political views, and devotes space to anti-Semitism and denouncing Jewish dietary practices.

The words of Savitri Devi herself should do the work as she lays out some of the horrible things that the You-know-whos do to animals!  This should help to rouse the SWPL to a more WN way of thinking!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Could Obama actually be the Sionist war-mongers favored candidate?

There is currently a theory going around WN-land that it is in fact Obama who is favored by World Sionists to start the war with Iran.

Obama will not arouse the minorities to be against such an action since he is a minority himself.

Also in the past other progressives have started out anti-war, and then after the election did a complete 180!  Look at Woodrow Wilson as the best example of this.

Also the Obama campaign is being run by the arch-Sionist David Axelrod!

The great Jeff Rense has also been mentioning a new movie that is out called 'Dreams From My REAL Father'.  According to Rense this movie has a horrifying depiction of Obama and is a good enough reason to vote for Romney to keep Obama out of the White House!  Remember that David Duke is also on the Rense Radio Network, so Jeff Rense is a very trustworthy source for WNs.

As the election approaches one should keep all of this in mind. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Reaching the SWPLs about the You-know-whos.

mindweapon from Mindweapons in Ragnarok had the great suggestion that Whites might want to go live among SWPLS.

This triggered the thought in my mind that perhaps one way to reach the typical liberal SWPL may be to use some of David Ickes Reptilian theories:

Lewis and Kahn write that Icke has taken his "ancient astronaut" narrative from the Israeli-American writer, Zecharia Sitchin, who argued—for example in Divine Encounters (1995)—that the Anunnaki had come to Earth for its precious metals. Icke argues that they came specifically for "monoatomic gold," a mineral he says can increase the carrying capacity of the nervous system ten thousandfold. After ingesting it, the reptilians can process vast amounts of information, speed up trans-dimensional travel, and shapeshift from reptilian to human form.[46]
Alright here is the important part:

They use human fear, guilt, and aggression as energy. "Thus we have the encouragement of wars," he wrote in 1999, "human genocide, the mass slaughter of animals, sexual perversions which create highly charged negative energy, and black magic ritual and sacrifice which takes place on a scale that will stagger those who have not studied the subject."[47] Lewis and Kahn argue that Icke is using allegory to depict the alien, and alienating, nature of global capitalism.[48] 
Wow that sounds just like the You-know-whos!

No wonder that Icke has been hounded by You-know-who types like Richard Warman!  One could easily just exchange the word 'Reptilian' for 'You-know-who'.  It is almost the same language.

Reach out to the New Ager SWPLs with this type of stuff and then soon they will begin to see the connection as well!